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Start the journal designed for construction managers to organize hectic days, prioritize overwhelming workloads, and document daily interactions. 


What Is The Manager's Journal?

Product Features: Pages are not predated so you can start at anytime, the journal is approx. 7.5”x10.5” and thread bound to make it lay flat for writing, customizable table of contents, walkthrough of our journaling system, perforated page corners to keep your journal on the current day, numbered pages for easy reference, two ribbon book marks, three months/one quarter of journal space and large block 12 month calendar. 

Relief from the Endless Workday

Project Managers are continually trapped between excessive workloads and the deep desire for fulfillment. Ineffective time management systems block us from achieving both. The Manager's Journal has The System to stop managers choosing between success at work or home. This system was developed over the years to break the cycle of 4:00 a.m mornings and 8:00 p.m evenings with emergencies stacked in between. Don't waste another valuable moment! In the end, time is the resource of which we do not get more. 

Path To Your New Tomorrow

Step 1.)
 Download and complete our free Goal Setting Guide
Step 2.) Complete your first master sheet per system inside the journal. Bringing goals to a month level. 
Step 3.) Begin completing daily sheets using our proven system to provide more focus daily on the important over  the urgent.
Step 4.) Each Quarter: Reevaluate effectiveness, goals, and life direction. Then receive a new journal and repeat the steps!

Tools For Your Success
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