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We are almost through January of 2019! Have you set your goals?!?

Do not stress if you haven't. It's never too late to set and start executing your goals. In factwe would argue goal setting, done correctly, is a repeatable habit, not a once a year to-do.

Most people never get off the starting line with their goals due to the overcomplication of the task in their minds. 

In this post, we are going to simplify goal setting and place more effort in taking the first step rather than planning out every last detail along the way.

Zoom Out for More Detail

One of the more common misconceptions is that a person needs to set one month, six month, one year, five year, ten year, fifteen year...etc goals.

The only timelines that should be important to us are life goals, five year goals, and one year goals.

At the life level, it is important we are idealistic and clear on our perfect outcome for each goal.  This is not an area for us to question the why’s or how’s. This is for us to get down those primary desired outcomes before we can reason them away.

After that, five years will be our next time range. Anything over this is a waste of time in the present because so much can change by then. Five years is an adequate length of time to get your mind working on what successful milestones should look like in the road to your idealistic life goals. 

At the one year action level, not setting too many short term goals is even more important. Again, all the preparation you can make for a new venture will likely be changed or rendered obsolete after you make your first few steps. 

So, don't waste time getting stuck on every detail, but instead, put the majority of your focus where it is the most valuable. Ask yourself simply:

  • In an idealistic scenario, where do you want the goal to end up? 
  • What can you do TODAY to start moving toward that outcome?

Make Progress Every Day

Now that we have our macro-vision it's time for all effort to go to micro-achievements.

Once you have completed establishing your vision and current action steps, the real challenge begins. From here on it will all be about developing habits that allow you to be intentional with your time and where it is taking you.

Our days are packed with countless short-term distractions that can derail us from our long-term goals.

The person who can most effectively aim their daily activity at achieving their larger goals will experience the most success.

We recommend a tool like a daily journal or a planner system.

This is the exact purpose of The Manager’s Journal. Taking your life aspirations and moving them to an actionable daily level.

If you are not intentional about your time and the incorporation of your goals into your DAILY routine, you will be disappointed at the end of this year (and the next).

"You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine."

-John C. Maxwell


Do not allow yourself to be bogged down in every little detail and step to achieve your goal. Do not focus too much on loads of future milestones and the dates they should be hit. 

Put all effort this year into maintaining First a crystal clear vision of where you want to go and Second an updated list of action steps to be taken daily to achieve that goal. 


  1. Download and print our Goal Setting Guide today. When you have two uninterrupted hours available complete the guide in one sitting. The focus, purpose, and fulfillment that setting and achieving goals will bring to your life are too critical to ignore.
  2. Work constantly at putting emphasis on daily movement toward your goals. Whether you use our system or your own, make sure it is a repeatable process.

Blessings In Your Endeavors,

Ruben Watson


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