Who invented The Manager's Journal?
    The Manager's Journal was created by Ruben Watson.

    Is there a Manager's Journal app/digital format?
    We do not currently have a digital version of our journal. This may be an option we can add in the future if demand changes. Research has proven that writing rather than using a device helps retention/focus, and overall our community to date has found it quicker to flip to a marked page to write rather than opening a device, then an app, then finding the writing space and typing. 

    What is the PDF Goal Setting Guide? 
    Download the free Goal Setting Guide here. This is the first step of our Manager's Journal process that we offer free to our customers.

    How long does it take for my order to ship?
    Any order placed before 11:00 a.m. CST will be shipped by the next business day. Any order placed after 11:00 a.m. CST will be shipped within two business days. 
    How do quarterly subscriptions work?
    With our quarterly subscription option, four journals will be sent to the user yearly on the date of purchase at a 15% discount! If you would ever like to change the date these four are sent please email us at Support@TheManagersJournal.com and we will get it adjusted for you. 

    How do I cancel my quarterly subscription?
    Quarterly subscription can be canceled at any time. Email Support@TheManagersJournal.com for a full refund within 30 days on the first used journal. The refund for the remaining unused/undamaged journals will be provided after they have been mailed back to our office.  
    How long is The Manager's Journal?
    The Manager's Journal is three months long. This is to allow it to coincide with each quarter if you desire to track it this way.

    Can I start The Manager's Journal at any time? 
    Yes. The Manager's Journal pages are not pre-dated so you can start this life-changing process anytime! 

    What happens if my product comes damaged? 
    If you received a damaged product please contact Support@TheManagersJournal.com.

    What do I do if my subscription journal did not arrive?
    If your quarterly subscription date has passed by more than a week and you have not received your journal please contact Support@TheManagersJournal.com and we will resolve this issue immediately.
    Does The Manager's Journal come in any languages other than English?
    We do not currently have The Manager's Journal printed in any language other than English. We hope to add more languages in the near future. 
    Do you ship internationally?
    At this time we only ship within the United States. We hope to expand international shipping in the future.  

    Our warehouse processes order and transfers to the shipping company within 1 hour, during normal business hours (Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m.). If you need to cancel your order please contact Support@TheManagersJournal.com as soon as possible to give us the best opportunity to fulfill cancellation requests.